Seven Wanders PCH

Seven Wanders is a fantasy endeavor, born of a weekend getaway up the PCH to a sleepy beach town in Southern California. Betsy Moyer and her dude Heffe pondered the weekend getaway that they really wanted, and soon found themselves scouring Craigslist for a Vintage Camper to purchase and refurb.

Soon, the two were pulling their own 1961 Shasta Camper Trailer up the 405 to their home in Santa Monica. Follow the camper refurb adventures on

Since then, the notion of an adventurous life has manifested into a dream they refer to as Seven Wanders. It is the container where they place their hopes and dreams for future endeavors, adventures in brewing, in travel, and in lifestyle.

Here on this site we collect the images, stories and inspirations that keep us motivated in working toward our goals, sharing our lifestyle and adventures with other gypsy technophiles like us.





Let’s Go!

March 23, 2013
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Heffe and Bets get the bug…

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