Seven Wanders is a fantasy endeavor, born of a weekend getaway up the PCH to a sleepy beach town in Southern California. Betsy Moyer and her dude, known affectionately as Heffe, pondered the weekend getaway that they really wanted, and soon found themselves scouring Craigslist for a Vintage Camper to purchase and refurb.

Not long after that weekend trip,┬áthe two were pulling their own 1960’s model Shasta Camper Trailer back up the 405 to their home in Santa Monica. Now you can find them sitting side by side researching the dark crannies of the internet for all the information one can consume around the intersection of modern camping luxury and vintage trailer renovation.

You can follow the camper refurb adventures on

Meanwhile, Seven Wanders is an ever evolving aspect of the dream. Here we collect the images and stories and inspirations that keep us motivated in working toward our goal of not only indulging in the weekend getaways that we crave, but maybe even growing toward making these fantasy weekends a reality for wannabe gypsy technology addicts like us!

We’ve zeroed in on Topanga Canyon for our next big move, and we’re on the steady hunt for a piece of property that will help lay the foundation for bringing this all together.